Continuum AEC


The use of cooling towers represents the largest reuse of water in industrial and commercial applications. While all cooling towers continually reuse water, they still can consume 20 to 30 percent of a facility total water use. The premium and patented water treatment products such as Continuum™ AEC can offer owners/operators significant savings in water consumption.


The Continuum™ AEC technology would enable your cooling towers system to run at a very high cycle of concentration close to a “zero bleed off” condition due to its tolerances toward a high pH and hard water environment.


A commonly used scale inhibitor will lose efficacy and pose a fouling risk under the following high cycle of concentration environments:

  • High pH
  • High M-alkalinity content
  • High Calcium / Magnesium contents
  • High Phosphates content
  • Significant presence of oxidizing biocides such as chlorine/bromine

Continuum™ AEC is the only available product containing a patented calcium carbonate inhibitor to give undiminished performance under all the above conditions enabling operators to achieve efficient and trouble-free operations at a very high cycle of concentration with relative ease. For more info on this innovative product please read the Continuum™ AEC Capabilities Profile.


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