Our pre-assembled and pre-wired chemical feed and process control equipment is designed to efficiently and precisely inject liquid chemical across an extensive range of applications and operating conditions.

We packaged quality brand products such as ProMinent, LMI, Hanna Instrument, SEKO and Burkert as well as our in-house brands to cater to your specific chemical feed and process controls needs and budgets.

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Electrochlorination is electrolysis process seawater or a brine solution (fresh water + salt) is converted into 0.6 – 0.8% sodium hypochlorite solution available to be used as an oxidizing and/or disinfections agent. Some of the benefits of this equipment are:

  • It can produce hypochlorite solution remotely.
  • It provides the power of chlorine without the danger of storing, transporting or handling hazardous materials.
  • Its final product does not degrade like commercial hypochlorite solution.
  • Its total operating cost is less than conventional chlorination methods.
  • It allows the operator to produce the hypochlorite solution on-demand.

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Bio-augmentation is simply a deliberate introduction of a group of chosen beneficial microbial strains or a genetically engineered variant to achieve certain desired results in a particular system or environment.

The application of this technology covers multitudes of areas such as agriculture, aquaculture, wastewater treatment, remediation of polluted land and other bioremediation applications.

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